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what can make an attractive book?

when we write there's one big beginner question.What will make my book attractive?Don't get this mixed up with what makes a good book.this is a question that's been puzzling everyone for years so really whats the secret?well this post is hopefully gonna help you and I do hope it does.

Number 1,The cover.I know I know don't judge a book a book by it's cover this that this that but it turns out 85% of people actually judge book by it's there just too ashamed to admit it.But if in an anonymous survey this will be the result.So something to keep in mind id the title to be interesting and the cover to look professional and not something to tacky.The font should me fresh not something you would see on a newspaper this makes readers think that this is not going to be something boring and something that is relatable.According to a survey made in 2012 in Illinois.

Number 2,What next well when someone will take a glimpse of the blurb so make sure it is interesting and th…

The formula to creating the perfect ending

I constantly get asked the same question over and over and over again.How do I write a good ending too a book well lets look at how some great books end.Lets take the Harry Potter book series for an example, at the end is great harry defeats Voldemort.That is very happy but lets take a deeper look into the ending.What do I mean?Well what are some other events that occurred before Voldemort was defeated no I don't mean events with a long time span but events with a short time span.

Ok lets see there was the battle of Hogwarts. A lot of people died including professor Snape,Fred Weasley.But more importantly Albus Dumbledore died.This is why the ending is so worth reading.There is a strike of happiness in you that Voldemort died but also something terrible happens too.Thats what makes a good ending an extra spark of a feeling that is not happy.

Hope this post was helpful!😁

Beads (the most awesome book book by Sophia Bennett)

Sophia Bennett has amazing writing skills, the threads series is my personal favourite  book series by her beads is the 2nd in the series and I love it at the beginning The girls go on  a trip to France for a funeral.Nonie falls in love with a  ballet boy (she thinks he is gay but she doesn't want to think that) ya if he was real I would totally date

Anyway everything goes great until these spammers ruin Eddie's website  by posting lies about how the clothes where made.What clothes?Well Crow is in designer haven and has a new line that's booming with business

well the spam thing starts is in the beginning which also makes it kind of like a hook you know to attract the readers to read more of the book. The book is not as descriptive about the characters looks but I guess it was not as necessary because the book has a great plot and the characters personality is well explained

If you want to buy this awesome book I would recommend this for the ages 10-14 just follow…
Thea StiltonThea Stilton is an amazing book series and today I am listing all my favourites on this post hope you              enjoy!
1.the cherry blossom adventure I love this book it personally shows on friendship and it shows to always forgive each other and I just love reading these books please continue making more books and bring some more uneasy acted like one of the Thea sisters are in love with a guy and has too choose between the guy or the to read with your kids. There are facts about places the characters in this book take us to. It kids kids interested to learn more about Japan.
2.the ice treasureIn this fabumouse adventure, the Thea Sisters head to Alaska, where they're attending a conference held by an important ecological association. Their host and his family are native Alaskans who show the mouselings their favourite games and activities. But soon there's trouble--the Thea Sisters discover that someone is upsetting the ecosystem by blowing up the ice…
SadakoSadako to me was a really heart touching book it showed a great deal of humanity and hope it was amazing the author really made the the book so warming and he made each scene seem like a poem telling a great story.With little detail it still was easy easy to visualise.I loved it and I recommend it for ages 6-10 year olds but I think the appropriateness is for all.
Must read books

The series of unfortunate events is a the first must read book series this is a series about the tragic life of the Baudelaire orphans Claus Violet and Sunny this is a great series that will touch hearts of the old and young.

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is also a great book a fantasy story of Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson who  is about to get kicked out of boarding school when monsters start chasing him. His mother and  Percy's best friend, Grover, rush him to a summer camp called Half-Blood Hill. A half-man/half-bull attacks him as he prepares to cross the property line, and Percy wakes up in the camp, knowing the creature has either taken or killed his mother. Grover (who turns out to be a satyr, or half man/half goat) and others nurse Percy back to health with ambrosia and explain that he and the other campers are children of Greek gods.

 there is the book holes where Stanley Yelnats, falsely convicted of stealing a celebrity's sneak…